1000 Day Cask Aged FIRKIN Gin




Gleann Mor Spirits Co has released its first limited edition cask aged gin of 2018 - FIRKIN Gin: matured for 1000 days. 

The gin has been made using a blend of rye and London dry style spirit, which has been matured for 1000 days. The blend was rested in a French Oak barrel that previously held Cote Du Rhone wine. 

The expression is a rich and flavourful gin with aromas of intense spices, wet grasses, coriander and lime. The gin has flavours of warm, thick, malty, rye spice with strong juniper, a hint of plum, spice and grapefruit on the palate with a long spice and citrus finish. 

Bottled at 46% abv, this new release is the latest in a series of cask-aged gins and promises to be a rare adventure for the spirits connoisseur.

How to serve:

Best enjoyed neat (or over ice) with a twist of orange peel with plenty of big ice cubes so they don't melt so fast. 


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