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"A Rare Find" - Carsebridge Single Grain Scotch Whisky Aged Over 52 Years



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  • 1 x 70cl "A Rare Find" Carsebridge Single Grain Scotch Whisky Aged Over 52 Years
  • 1 x Luxury wooden display box

Tasting notes:

Nose: Rich butterscotch, ice cream, apple strudel and cinnamon buns. Further notes of sliced banana, tropical fruit and Toffee Crisp bars develop.

Palate: Silky and creamy with more butterscotch, pastries and vanilla supported by hints of sandalwood and a little banana. 

Finish: Caramel and hints of Turkish Delight


Region Lowland
Distillery Carsebridge
Description A Rare Find
Year distilled 1964
Year bottled 2016
Age 52
ABV 40.5%
Cask strength? Yes
Single cask? Yes
Output from cask (bottles) 164
Bottle size 70cl
Country of origin Scotland
Neck level Full
Luxury wooden display box


Carsebridge is one of Scotland’s many gone-but-not-forgotten grain distilleries, founded right at the end of the 1700s by John Bald in Alloa.

Initially Carsebridge produced malt whisky, but after a few decades production was switched over to grain whisky due to the rising popularity of blends in Scotland. 

Like a good number of Scottish distilleries, Carsebridge closed in 1983, despite rather recent expansions. Much of the distillery has been demolished and bottlings of Carsebridge’s whisky are scarce (though delicious!).

Independent bottlings are few and far between.

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