"A Rare Find" - Inchgower Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged Over 14 Years



Tasting notes: 

Nose: Spiced fruit drizzled in caramel sauce. A light hint of filo pastry.

Palate: Drying cocoa and cinnamon, though well balanced with juicy notes of apple and apricot.

Finish: Honey'd barley lingers. Remains drying with baking spices.


Region Speyside
Distillery Inchgower
Description A Rare Find
Year distilled 2003
Year bottled 2018
Age 14
ABV 53.6%
Cask strength? Yes
Single cask? Yes
Output from cask (bottles) 89
Packaging Card
Bottle size 70cl
Country of origin Scotland
Neck level Full


Inchgower Scotch whisky is used as a blending component of both Bell's and Johnnie Walker.

Less than 1% of Inchgower's malt is kept back for bottling as a single malt - a Flora & Fauna 14yo is the only official release still readily available, although there are also a handful of Rare Malt bottlings from the turn of the century.

Independent bottlings of Inchgower are relatively rare.


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