Guillon-Painturaud Hors d'Age Cognac



Aged around 30 years in oak before bottling, this Hors d'Age from Guillon-Painturaud is still very vibrantly fruity even at this great age...

Flavours and subtleties to fascinate even the most distinguished pallet.

An exquisite Cognac, produced by a traditional family producer (their family farm dates back to the 17th century) who only began selling under their own name in the 1970s.


Tasting notes: 

Quite rich and woody. Cinnamon and mocha/cocoa notes. Develops ginger and grapey, almost Port-like aromas, with cooked red apples and damson jam
Intense fruitiness: apple, plum, damson and raisin. Exceptionally rounded, with some quite prominent woodspice
Becomes drying and more spicy in the mouth as with most spirits of this age, but retains good harmonious leathery fruit in the background. Hints of red liquorice



Country France
Description Guillon-Painturaud
ABV 40%
Bottle size 70cl


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