Our creative team brings you our  limited edition Islay rested FIRKIN Gin;  the first in our creative barrel aged gin programme that will see the use of different casks types to roll out innovative bottlings.  Great news for drinkers who feel they’re in a bit of a cocktail-related rut or others who’ve made a promise to venture into uncharted tipple territory during 2016.

This oak aged gin uses our signature London Dry Gin recipe as a base before being rested in our special Islay ex-whisky casks to impart the unique flavour and colour.

This leads to around 250 bottles being produced and with each batch coming from a different whisky cask, the flavour profile of the batches vary a little bit by the time they are bottled.

Drink it as you would a whisky: neat or over ice or with Fentimans ginger beer. Most important of all, enjoy!


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