There is a whisky for every palette. To find your perfect fit, you’ll need to taste a few and that’s best done among friends or colleagues.   Having a whisky specialist guide the
group through a series of unique and hard to find whiskies doesn't hurt either.The Gleann Mór experience can be tailored to aficionados or the uninitiated.

Regardless of the level of interest or knowledge, our ambassador will help each individual discover the spirits’ legacy and layers of flavour the history and making of the whisky and the steps of tasting and appreciating a fine whisky. Choose from diverse whisky selections such as Carsebridge 52, Glenmorangie 21, Port Ellen 33, Caol Ila 30, Rare Blend 40, Mortlach 18, Macallan 24 (all subject to availability).  

Pricing for our tasting  package varies dependent on the whiskies selected, number of participants and the location with prices from £40 per guest (based on 10 guests tasting 5 whiskies in an Edinburgh venue). This price includes whisky expressions, a souvenir glass and a brand ambassador host for the tasting event.