"A Rare Find" - Banff Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged Over 42 Years



Built by James McKilligan & Co. in 1824. The history of the Banff distillery is a very hard one. The distillery had many fires and was bombed in World War 2. Eventually the distillery was mothballed in 1983, and the last warehouse was destroyed by a fire in 1991. Today the whole distillery is demolished and aged bottlings are few and far between. Now that nature is slowly reclaiming the last few standing walls on site, it might be interesting to get yourself a bottle or sample to enjoy the last few drops.

Tasting notes

Nose: Typical Banff. Wet paper, quite some paraffin and grease. Dried grassy notes and a little mustard. Hints of newly sawn oak. Chamomile. Chalk. Shoe polish. Spicy and aromatic, a little unsexy as well, but after a long wait, a faint fruitiness (oranges, pineapple) comes through, as well as some warm vanilla which is less typical. Great evolution
Palate: Fresh and relatively creamy, a nice combination of sweetness, soft bitterness and spices. Some lemon zest, a little herbal liqueur and chilli pepper. Hints of dried fruits, chocolate and vanilla. 

Finish: Long; with sweet vanilla growing stronger besides the grassy, drier notes.

Overall: Excellent Banff, exemplary yet slightly more rounded than other expressions, thanks to the soft vanilla notes and fruits.  But this experience comes at a price



Region Speyside
Distillery Banff
Description A Rare Find
Year distilled 1975
Year bottled 2017
Age 42
ABV 41.1%
Cask strength? Yes
Single cask? Yes
Output from cask (bottles) 185
Packaging Wooden Case
Bottle size 70cl
Country of origin Scotland
Neck level Full



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