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Firkin Rosie



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Firkin Rosie small batch gin is a triple distilled spirit with modern twist on a classic gin.  It is made using 100% grain spirit which is combined with Strawberry, Rose Petals and Sweet Almond; then blended with a selection of botanicals.  The result is a beautifully delicate but complex soft gin with a hint of juniper, fruit flavours and an exceptionally smooth finish.  A great summer tipple.

Tasting notes:


Floral with the rose petals with a hint of juniper


Light freshness of fruits followed by a complex soft spice

Fresh vanilla and juicy berries; fruity and floral note on the end giving a very sweet finish


Suggested serve:

Over ice with Fevertree Mediterranean tonic water in a tall glass over ice with slices of fresh strawberry to garnish


43% ABV.

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