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Cask Aged FIRKIN Islay Finish Gin



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Our limited edition Islay gin is the first in an experimental series that will see the creators of FIRKIN Gin use different casks styles and ageing times.

This oak aged gin uses our signature London dry gin recipe as a base before being rested in our special Islay barrels to impart the unique flavour and colour.

This leads to around 250 bottles being produced and with each batch coming from a different whisky cask, the flavour profile of the batches vary a little bit by the time they are bottled.

On the nose you’re immediately hit with that spicy, warming smell of juniper. Some honey and resin follows, before a nice note of something slightly reminiscent of Islay.

On the palate, this limited edition Firkin Gin exudes a wonderful, spicy and fruity kick from those gin botanicals, combined with a silky smooth, smoky exterior from the Islay barrel. There’s black pepper and lime peel, ash and vanilla, sea salt and coriander seed. Imagine eating a warming curry by a fire in a pine forest near the sea on Islay and you’ll be somewhere close to the comfort of this spirit.

Drink it as you would a whisky: neat or over ice. Or enjoy with Fentimans Ginger Beer or Ginger Ale in a tall glass with ice. Most important of all, enjoy!

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