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Sekforde Whiskey Botanical Mixer 4 Pack



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Delicate orange and Istrian botanical ingredients: orange, rosemary, gentian

Sekforde will liberate Firkin Gin's dried fruit and spice flavour notes, while the gentle herbal notes are the perfect foil for the sweetness of the caramel and toasted grain flavours.

Tasting Notes:

The first flavour is sweet orange, especially if garnished with the signature serve garnish of an orange twist. The heart of the Firkin Oak flavour should then fill the palate; lengthened and teased out with a hint of rosemary you should find a complexity that can be rather hard to pick out in the neat spirit. Highlighted by our combination of dry bitters, the Firkin Oak finish will last longer than usual and may surprise you - look for hidden dried fruit and spice notes.

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